Performance Analytics Sprint

Starts:  May 2, 2023 12:00 PM (ET)
Ends:  May 25, 2023 01:00 PM (ET)

*This course will be primarily facilitated in English, with interpretation into Spanish and Portuguese.


Does your organizational performance management plan feel outdated? Do you spend hours trying to craft a problem statement to include in your performance report? Would you like to save time and produce realistic solutions by analyzing the current performance and planning for the better one?


This sprint will provide you with the skills to build and strengthen performance analytics practices and develop innovative solutions to improve government services. In addition, it will provide an introduction to performance analytics principles and their applications in government.


Each week there will be a live session and office hours held over Zoom. The sessions will be 90 minutes and focus on learning and applying key concepts in the process of cataloging data assets, with facilitated discussions with instructors and peers. The Office Hour sessions will be 30 minutes and focus on application strategies, with guided exercises to help take the learning into your workplace.

Achievable Criteria: Performance Analytics (WWC PA1 and PA2)

  • Your local government identifies strategic goals, aligns a diverse set of measures with those goals, and uses data to evaluate progress toward them.
  • Your local government holds performance management meetings during which it reviews data, discusses insights, and makes decisions about its strategic goals at least quarterly.

    Sprint Objectives

    In order to fulfill the PA1 and PA2 Criteria of the WWC Certification Assessment, we will:

    • Assess organizational readiness for performance analytics;
    • Advocate for the performance analytics model that best suits an organization's characteristics and priorities;
    • Draft a problem statement for performance analytics; and
    • Construct a goal statement for performance analytics.


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